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First and Only

United Kingdom. While I was in Latvia I always wanted to study in UK. It was so unreachable at one moment and I thought that it’s going to stay like that. But then, suddenly, it became my reality. First steps are always the hardest but I think I got through them quite good. So there’s a small analysis of how one year in UK changed my dictionary from American to British.

I never used word Biscuits. My entire life Cookies was right thing to say. Now I’m saying Roll, but my English teacher at school said that Bun is right answer and nobody is using word Roll.  During my euro trip all the time we was using word Muffler now it changed to Silencer because otherwise nobody understands you on a road. Postman and Mailman Before I moved I just knew that these words exist and was always using Latvian Pastnieks now I needed dictionary to remember how this person is called in Latvian. For me word Wardrobe still sounds very posh and wrong. In my opinion Closet is way easier to say, write and pronounce. For me word Lorry was real discovery. I always thought that word Truck is the only possible way of saying. At least one good thing is Flat and Apartment. I guess it’s because in UK flats mostly are really small but in US Apartments are huge. For me saying for Queue is very difficult to say. You can miss it with Queen, Quern or something else.  Line in my opinion is way better. I was using word Elevator all the time again just because my stupid English teacher. She said that the word Lift is too easy to remember. You can’t even imagine how hard it was to get used to say Chips instead of Fries. I still need to think before I say it otherwise I can miss it with word Crisps and again I was more used to word Potato Chips.


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