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Latvian Song and Dance Celebration

The Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration has concluded. We could sing a lot of praise to it, use specific positive emotion inducing wording, but there really is no need for it. It is the most beautiful and the most definitive experience to understand Latvians, our language, and our unity.

We stand strong in our love for our people, our country, and its culture. The singing and dancing traditions and newly forged elements of these ancient arts are not only a tribute to the magnitude of the cultural heritage of Latvia, but also serve as foundation for the identity of the modern Latvian.

We, Latvians, call ourselves a nation of singers, and the Song and Dance Celebration is a living and thriving testament of this, as it is at its heart a grass-roots movement that literally involves everyone in the Latvian society, engaging huge numbers of people from all walks of life, from the largest cities to the smallest rural villages.

Latvians sing and dance when they are happy. We sing when we are sad. As long as there is going to be Latvia, Latvians will be singing and dancing. If not every day, then at least every five years during the hottest time of the summer.

So far, one of the best quotes about all Latvians working, living and making their destinies abroad…

“Ik vienu tautieti gaidam mājās pārnākam reiz… turās tie kas svešumā… es tomēr ticu ka reiz mēs draugi atkal visi tiksimies…”

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