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Welcome to the Euro zone Latvia

Today the economy and finance ministers from the 28 European Union countries gave the final green light to Latvia to join the eurozone on January 1, 2014.

We won’t hide it – the public opinion on this move remains divided. Now, we’re no finance experts – we leave the economic analysis part to brighter heads than ours, but there are people who are worried Latvia will lose its symbol.
Sure, money is a symbol, but the Latvian euros will keep the national decorative elements and should be regarded as a continuation of the lats. It will signify Latvia fully restoring its place where it belongs rightfully and historically – among the economic and political core of the European nations.

Plus, after 74 years Latvians will again have coins with the image of Milda, the archetypical Latvian maiden, in their wallets.  Only this time our symbol will be visible throughout Europe, giving its people a small but symbolic insight into Latvia. So one shouldn’t think about the euro as losing our symbol – come January 1, we will be expanding it.

The Latvian identity is a strong one – anyone in doubt surely hasn’t seen the photos we’ve been posting of the XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Celebration – and having euros in our pockets won’t affect it.

And a bit of humour in here. You can choose what kind of humor it is. Little kid called Noa is crying because of currency change:


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