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Sochi 2014 – How it’s all started?


Almost 15 months ago, I submitted my application, to become a volunteer at XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. When I was filling in the application form, it was like a joke to me. Simply because, I was absolutely sure, that I will get rejected, after manager’s first look on it. You can’t even imagine, how big was my surprise, when I got invited for Skype interview, 4 months after submission.

The interview wasn’t anything extraordinary. Casual questions about previous experience in big and important sport events, questions about gained experiences, education and personal interests. Questions, which every single employer wants to know about employee.
After the interview, there was only one way, to wait for the final desiccation. Of course, after the interview, I understood, that, if I got invited to have a talk, it means that, there is something in my application what they was interested in. And chances was 50/50, which in my opinion, was worth trying. Cause, you never know how it could turn in the end.
It was middle of August 2013. I was on my holidays, enjoying hot summer sun on sandy Latvian beaches, when I got an email from Sochi, saying that I’m in a reserve list. Which means that, I have a chance to go, only if somebody will reject the opportunity to go. I can’t even describe in words, how I felt at that particular moment. I think the closest description could be anger, mixed with happiness. Simply because, I was so close to it, but not there yet. And again, I was waiting. I think during this process it was the worst part. When you don’t know and the only thing you can do, is simply wait.

On 29th August Olympic News Service sent an email, saying that I am accepted, to become a volunteer at XXII Winter Olympic Games. The amount of happiness and excitement which I had was incredible. I was ready to hug and kiss every single person on my way.I didn’t realise that that email, was just a beginning of amazing, one in a life time journey, called, XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia…


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