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Sochi 2014 – The realisation

The realisation, that application process was the easiest part of all the trip, didn’t came straight away after conformation email, or “Da Email”, as we call it. I think, It came after couple of days. The realisation of the fact, that I somehow, will need to travel more the 6 000 miles, all the way from United Kingdom to Sochi. Even though, I’m one of those people, who don’t mind travel a lot and in all possible, and impossible ways, I understood, that this trip will require extra planning and making sure, that everything is correct. Otherwise, the chances to get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, are quite high.

And of course, can’t forget the fact, that travelling to Russia requires visa. For me it meant going to London, which is around 300 miles away, and there’s only one bus a day. So again, the chances to do something wrong, was quite high. And before I was able to apply for visa, I needed to wait for telex number, which basically replaces invitation letter. Telex number can be issued only 45 days prior arrival to Russia. Which meant, even more stress. Simply because, 45 days, means right around Christmas days off. In UK Russian Visa application centre wasn’t working from 24th December till 8th January, and then count in 14 days for creation of visa and plus 2 days for passport, to get back to Hull. The only day when centre was open, during those holidays, was 30th December. So I decided that it is going to use this opportunity and go to London.

A lot of people say that friends are there to support each other, or that you see true face of your friends, only in hard life situations. And I’m definitely one of them. I think it is easy to be friends with someone, while everything is good, but it is true friendship, when your friends can give you helping hand, when you’re in trouble. That is why, I would like to say thank you, to all people who supported me on this stage. Of course there is more to come, cause these last 7 days before departure will be even more stressful, but without friends, I wouldn’t even have a chance to go anywhere. One massive thank you, to all of you and a round of applause.
My visa was ready on 16th January. If I would go to London after Christmas holidays it would be 24th or 25th of January. So you can understand how important it was, to get there as soon as possible. So I’m departing from Hull, then going to Leeds by bus, then flying to Riga. After 24 hours I’m taking bus to Moscow. I’m staying in Moscow for 20 hours and finally, flying to Sochi.

Somewhere in between all that, there was volunteer agreement sending issues, cause Russian post lost it, so I needed to send it for a second time.  I would need a day or so, to explain all in details. But I’m pretty sure, that all of it, will be worth it in the end.
Well, I guess that is how the plan looks like right now, how it will be in reality, we will find out in 7 days. I would love to post more, but this week is going to be hard. So, wait for next update right before departure. I hope that you enjoy reading this and whish me luck..


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  1. Лешка, удачи! и жду тебя в Риге! )))

    January 23, 2014 at 7:43 am

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