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Olympic Trip

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI promised few people to keep updating them about my journey through my blog. So that is exactly what I’m doing. Even though it is around 1am and I need to wake up in around 4 hours and conclude this crazy journey. Let’s start from the beginning. As you all know my journey to Sochi started on Jan 29th from Hull, United Kingdom. I went from Hull to Leeds, and it took around 2 and a half hours. After around 5 hour sleep, moved to Leeds Bradford international airport, to catch flight to capital city of Latvia, Riga.

The plan was to stay in Riga for 20 hours to change suitcase, take all the souvenirs prepared by Latvian National Olympic Committee and Riga City council and head off to apporx. 15 hour journey to capital city of Russia, Moscow.
The bus journey was unexpectedly good. My bus had WiFi, individual monitors on the back of each seat, plugs and free duvet, which usually costs around 2-3 euros on international buses. All that for less than 50 euros. I got free pillow as well, cause I shared my yoghurt with woman which was taking care of us. Saved another 2 euros. So guys, my advice is, invest in yoghurt. 😀
During this tip I watched The Dark Knight Rises and Oz from the Wonderland. Haven’t seen those movies, but they were on my playlist for a while. 
In Moscow program was really generic: red square, ”Ostankino” TV-tower, VDNH, GUM. I’ve heard a lot of stories about how huge Moscow is, but to actually realise how massive this city is, you need to visit it. If in London tube stations are in around 2 min distance from each other, then in Moscow it can take up to 6 min between stations. The average speed of train is 45 km/h, so you are able to get the distance. Prices for tube are cheaper than in London, but flat and food prices are way higher. Even somewhere far away from city centre. But as I said, that is the thing which I wasn’t surprised of.
In Moscow I stayed with girl named Oksana. She kindly allowed me to stay overnight, met me on the bus station and toured around city. Same as me she’s volunteering at these games. I met another great, open and really generous person because of these games. And I’m sure that it’s not the last one. Of course I would like to say a massive thank you again, for allowing me to stay.
Weather during this trip is one of those things which was extreme. I left UK when it was around +8C, but when I arrived to Riga it was -13C and super cold and strong wind, so it felt like it was at least -20C. To be honest I thought that the wheatear in Moscow will be better, well, it wasn’t. At the day of my arrival it was -23C, but the day before it temperature was around – 27C. Believe me, after all those super low numbers, when I arrived to Sochi and saw that it’s +9C, but a bit windy, I felt like in paradise.
Will try to type up story about getting to accommodation, meeting other volunteers, trip to Sochi and my first shift which was today. There’s still problems with internet over here. Thanks to my roommate I have mobile internet, but only 100mb, so posting stuff is quite problematic, but hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon. And of course, work is more important than Wifi.


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