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Adventures In Sochi

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFlight to Sochi was usual. First time in my life I flew not on Boeing or Airbus aircraft, but built in Russia IL-200. Plane is bigger than Boeing 737-800, but smaller than 777. Carries around 200-250 passengers. The flight was fully booked. So I was expecting a lot of people.
Let me just remind you that while I was in Moscow, temperature was around -20°C. I knew that Sochi will be warmer than that, but I didn’t expect +9C, sunny and no wind. Feels like middle spring in Latvia. Nice and warm. Even though terminal building is not big, there was Boeing 747 parked right next to our plane. Which clearly shows that airport’s runway is capable to maintain planes like that.
Came out from the plane and moved into luggage waiting area. 3 flights arrived with 5 minutes difference, so It was quite crowdie in there. I was surprised that after only 15 minutes luggage started to arrive on the belt. After unsuccessful waiting for my luggage at designated belts I started thinking that my luggage is lost. Which is not good news for sure. When I asked airport staff where I can report lost luggage, she told me that I might need to look on the other belt, cause my luggage might be there. And yes, it bloody was there. There were 2 flights from Moscow at the same time, so I guess workers simply mixed up from which Moscow flight which luggage is.
Nobody was meeting me in the airport, so I asked info desk how can I get to city. After quick explanation I kind a knew where I need to go. Came out from terminal building and had the weirdest view ever. I just came to capital city of Winter Olympics, but there are palm trees growing everywhere. Looks really strange.
After 20 minutes waiting for the bus squeezed myself and luggage and myself in it and my journey towards my accommodation could begin. After around 40 minutes on the bus I realised that I might take the wrong bus. Asked driver and of course I was right. Well, nothing to do, came out, crossed the road and took the same bus just in opposite direction. Asked the other driver am I going in the right direction and after positive answer spent another 40 minutes on the bus.
I arrived to Sochi around 2, I arrived to my accommodation only around 6. Simply because if you’re not familiar with Olympic transport system it takes ages to understand how it works and so you end up waiting for hours. But I got lucky. I got moved out from 8 people room and moved in to 4 people apartment. Less people, more fun.
I live with 3 other guys. Josh from UK, Thomas from France and Ramazan from Russia. To be honest I kind a feel sorry for Ramazan, cause he doesn’t speak English and can’t really follow our conversations. At first I tried to translate stuff for him, but when he 2 forgot to leave room keys we don’t have a perfect harmony in a room.
Overall rooms are nice, food is hot and internet is slow, but as some people say, it’s better than nothing.


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