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MaskedThat moment, when music engages your thoughts and you are so overwhelmed with emotions, that blog post is done within 10 minutes, cause words simply flow by themselves on the white screen… So putting music while reading, might get you to the same spot, where I am at the minute.. 

Life is pretty messed-up thing. We constantly hear, that life has it ups and downs and we constantly are comforting ourselves, that bright future is somewhere right around the corner. But is it, though? Do we have a chance for the bright and happy future? Of course, there are constantly bright and joyful moments in life, happening on our way every damn day. In a lot of cases, you don’t even need to look for them, cause they are right in front of you, in some, you need to look close and focus in order to find some bright and positive spot in your bad day.
But what if your life would end within next couple of minute? What is left behind? Unfinished tasks, people you have not told that you love them, maybe love of your life, to who you are too afraid to come and admit your feeling? Would you regret thing you’ve done, said or maybe you would regret opportunities, that was right in front of you, but you decided not to use them for some reason, which seemed reasonable at the time, but is it reasonable in within these circumstances?
Yes yes, I understand that I am speaking hypothetically, but think about it… Maybe it is time to fight for your own happiness for once, and stop chasing things and people that are running away from you and no matter how hard you try, will only run further away from you…

With positive vibes,


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