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13 Reasons Why

reasons-why8 For me, as for emotional person, is always hard to watch drama. I get involved in it with full head and then fight with the consequences and emotional breakdowns. And shows like 13 Reasons Why, simply drags out all your inner daemons and exposes them in the worst possible light. Show, that shows you ugly reality. And of course, helps you to recall your school time. Which of course hopefully, is not so brutal, but let’s face it, most of people were in some way bullied at school. One way, or another. More or less.
I do not want to analyse 13 Reasons Why from cinematic point of you. Since, lighting, locations, camera, angles, actors, music choice is very, very well-done. And it is always easier to have a good rant about something horrible, rather than to say something good about good pieces. So yes, I can officially say, this is a good piece, worth watching,

What I am more interested to talk about are your inner feelings, in which this show make you feel.  You might already seen Grey’s Anatomy drama, or something like Scandal or some other Shondaland production and cry yourself throughout, soaking wet, during some of most dramatic scenes in television. But this is completely new level. You stay on the edge of your seat till last episode. Somewhere in beginning you get mixed feeling about it. Something between anger and sadness. Why is that? Simply because from the start you know and have a complete understanding, that there will be no happy ending. Clearly not How I Met Your Mother approach.
Some lines are just hitting your right in your soul, worth remembering. It might even leave blank spots in you mind for couple of days, or even put you on the edge of emotional breakdown. Since some of it happened to me, seems that it is time to admit, that there an emotional problems already with me, and this all just made it worse, or showed it’s true colors.

So yes, once again, if you want to get your inner demons out for a walk and have a decent drama, if there is not enough drama already in your life, 13RW is for you. That is for sure. Just don’t forget to prepare some tissues before you start watching it, together with some couple sleepless night, cause it hooks you up extremely quick.

Little devastated Alex.


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