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Olympic Story

Сочи 2014 – Послесловие

1922513_10152546815641501_1169024850_nXXII зимние олимпийские игры в прекрасном, радушном и открытом городе Сочи завершились. Многие спрашивают, а что же было. Ведь я не писал и толком не рассказывал как у меня дела. Что вполне понятно, когда смена примерно 7-8 часов, плюс 4 часа в день на то чтобы добраться из дома, до работы. Это не много не мало 80 км. Понятно что на сон и описание того как у меня дела особенно нет. Но, так как сейчас я еду в автобусе из Санкт-Петербурга в Ригу, у меня есть время наконец-то вкратце рассказать что да как вообще было. (more…)


Adventures In Sochi

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFlight to Sochi was usual. First time in my life I flew not on Boeing or Airbus aircraft, but built in Russia IL-200. Plane is bigger than Boeing 737-800, but smaller than 777. Carries around 200-250 passengers. The flight was fully booked. So I was expecting a lot of people.
Let me just remind you that while I was in Moscow, temperature was around -20°C. I knew that Sochi will be warmer than that, but I didn’t expect +9C, sunny and no wind. Feels like middle spring in Latvia. Nice and warm. Even though terminal building is not big, there was Boeing 747 parked right next to our plane. Which clearly shows that airport’s runway is capable to maintain planes like that. (more…)

Olympic Trip

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI promised few people to keep updating them about my journey through my blog. So that is exactly what I’m doing. Even though it is around 1am and I need to wake up in around 4 hours and conclude this crazy journey. Let’s start from the beginning. As you all know my journey to Sochi started on Jan 29th from Hull, United Kingdom. I went from Hull to Leeds, and it took around 2 and a half hours. After around 5 hour sleep, moved to Leeds Bradford international airport, to catch flight to capital city of Latvia, Riga.


Sochi 2014 – The realisation

The realisation, that application process was the easiest part of all the trip, didn’t came straight away after conformation email, or “Da Email”, as we call it. I think, It came after couple of days. The realisation of the fact, that I somehow, will need to travel more the 6 000 miles, all the way from United Kingdom to Sochi. Even though, I’m one of those people, who don’t mind travel a lot and in all possible, and impossible ways, I understood, that this trip will require extra planning and making sure, that everything is correct. Otherwise, the chances to get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, are quite high. (more…)

Sochi 2014 – How it’s all started?


Almost 15 months ago, I submitted my application, to become a volunteer at XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. When I was filling in the application form, it was like a joke to me. Simply because, I was absolutely sure, that I will get rejected, after manager’s first look on it. You can’t even imagine, how big was my surprise, when I got invited for Skype interview, 4 months after submission.