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Song Story: 2012

Как я и обещал, вот она истории про топовые хиты моего небольшого хит-парада 2012 года. Какие то из этих песен подсказали друзья, какие то были найдены на просторах всемирной, глобальной паутины. Каждая из этих песен будет напоминать мне о самых разных событиях, людях и эмоциях. Они войдут в мою историю. Но как говорится – Не буду залезать глубоко, а сразу к делу!



| 2012 | [PHOTOS]

Hello everyone. It is time to sum up everything. To sum up this year. It
was full of trips, events and other things. And I would like to share my photos,
my feelings with you. I own some photos only what means that part of them are from my friends and other sources. 🙂
Feel free to write your comments and wishes for the next 2013.


50 Best Songs of 2012

A list of songs which made my 2012. Each song in this list will remind me people, places, emotions. Something what will stay with me my whole my life. (All Songs have link to YouTube in case you wanna listen to the song. All links are opening in the new tab, for your comfort.) Feel free to share your thoughts about this top in comments section. I will feel more than happy. More info and stories about the first 3 songs will be published in the next couple of days.


LEEDS | 2012

Video about little trip to Leeds in November. Enjoy!

Thanks to Marianna for video. (more…)