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MaskedThat moment, when music engages your thoughts and you are so overwhelmed with emotions, that blog post is done within 10 minutes, cause words simply flow by themselves on the white screen… So putting music while reading, might get you to the same spot, where I am at the minute..  (more…)


Scream and Shout

You can never tell what people are thinking and feeling, unless they tell you, and usually they lie. You ask them: “Whats wrong?” and they say “Nothing.” You accept this, because its easier than digging for the truth. People smile, when they want to cry, they laugh, when they want to scream and shout. \they pretend like nothing is wrong, because they don’t want to face the truth. Things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies, sometimes you gotta scream and cry your angers and sadness to the world, because you can only hold it in for so long before something in you snaps. So when you want to cry, cry. When you want to scream, scream. Don’t hide behind fake smiles, it’s ok to not be alright. Just remember that.